Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dear Lunch Lady,

I am pleased to see that you have a sense of humor. Oh how you must have chuckled Friday as you added the 55 gallon drum of cherry pie filling to the serving line as the "fruit of the day."

Did you wet your pants just a little as you watched the the little kiddies vibrate their way back to class? I would was a good one...I bet the teachers thought it was HILARIOUS!

The only thing funnier than allowing little kids to serve themselves all of the cherry pie filling they could mound on one tray is letting them do it twice!

Freezing the leftovers over the weekend and re-serving it Monday was genius.

Thanks again!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not dead...

I just need a break.

I may not be back until after the election. I allowed myself to come almost completely unglued about the bailout. I was so angry that I felt physically ill...if I am going to have a massive stroke I would rather it not be caused by a bunch of a-holes in Washington.

Some people listen to music when they clean...I have the news on. Well had. I just need to chill.

I have determined that not only am I a true conservative I am also a Political Hindu...not a fan of pork. I am frustrated with all of the political about a candidate who runs on an "Common Sense, Personal Responsibility and Accountability" ticket.


Everyone is healthy and we are all pretty busy. I have just decided to take some time off...time to not think about how congressional term limits would solve a lot of our problems...time to enjoy football and the coming Holiday season.

Thanks again for all of your concern and feel free to email me...