Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back away from the cart...

I had this full on rant already written about this woman who brazenly stole my shopping cart at Wal-Mart. It would have been posted yesterday but for two reasons; Blogger was having issues and it turns out that several of my nearest and dearest have also been known to snag a cart.

Now, they don't take carts that have things in them and they all swear that they will at least check for an owner before absconding with the buggy. Still, it irritates me. Perhaps because I have had so many stolen. People have actually dumped my items onto a nearby shelf and then taken my cart. That is a pisser.

So a few days ago when I watched a woman walk right up to my cart, grab it and take off I was stunned and irritated. I yelled, "MA'AM!!!!" about 3 times before she finally stopped, grinned at me, and walked off. WTH?

I am aware that there are times that urgency trumps the normal rules of polite society. Perhaps you have indulged in a "Big Gulp" and now have to tee-tee so badly that you are in real danger of wetting your pants. You waddle to the restroom only to find a long line...this is clearly a time when breaking a rule (the no Vageeenas in the Men's room rule) is not wrong.

The woman who stole my cart did not do it out of necessity or any urgency. She was not juggling newborn triplets while balancing a case of Diet Coke...she was just lazy.

I am thinking of getting a taser.


Super B's Mom said...

I'd wait for her in the parking lot.

Debbie said...

You are a seriously funny woman. Just found your blog and am laughing so hard right now about your last few posts. I probably would have chased that woman down who stole my cart. What nerve.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Oh you definitely need a taser in Wal-Mart! What a witch!

Margaret said...

crap, that was your cart???


Chicka said...

I have to say I have never in my life had my cart stolen by anyone else. Perhaps I'm just naturally bitchy looking enough that they don't want to mess with the fat chick.

Cart stealing? Really? I guess that's another good reason to use the backpack purse that I have...I see a lot of women put their purses in the cart, and I do on occasion at the grocery, but make my children stand guard. Kasia's a black belt you know. LOL!

A taser is most definitely called for. Either that or perfect the death glare.