Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This Post Brought To You by Wrinkle Guard....

5 people create a ton of laundry, and as a result the Laundry Fairy is always busy. Even though I do at least two loads a day, I can't tell you what color the floor in the laundry room is. I have a rappelling rig hooked up to move around the mountain of funky clothes.

This mountain was once named Mt. St. Monkey Butt. Any of you with young boys have probably already guessed why, for the rest of you - think - love of wedgies + dislike of Charmin

I have ended this disgusting phenomena; when OSHA requires that you wear a HAZMAT suit just to do a load, it is time to make some changes.

Now, about wrinkle guard, my husband's pants must come out of the dryer the moment it stops, if not they will need to be ironed, and that is not in my contract. So, the wrinkle guard feature is like my little snooze button for the dryer. Delusional, yes, lazy, perhaps, but it does let me pretend that it is not yet time for me stop what I am doing, strap on my harness and climb Mt. Funky to play hot potato with scalding pants.

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mommiebear2 said...

This So sounds like my house, the never ending pile O laundry.