Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Farmers in South Alabama:

You. Are. Welcome.

Yes, this rain that has popped up every day, breaking the drought, was a gift from me. It is the result of what might be described as an economic rain dance.

Thinking I was sooooooo smart I went and bought a family season pass to the public pool. The FlyingMonkeys needed a diversion and with our cousin coming to spend some time with us I thought it the perfect solution.

Our cousin got here last Sunday and I will be taking him to his Dad today. 10 days and we got to visit the pool ONCE. ONE TIME. NOT TWICE, ONCE.

The flash flood advisory occurred a few days ago, shortly after I returned home, with all 4 children, from buying pool toys. Can you say denial?

I did have enough sense to know that while the kids might find something fun to do with Noodles in the house I would probably not share their enthusiasm...so I also bought them a puzzle.

So in this last 10 days we have been pretty cooped up. My attempts at entertainment feel on deaf ears..."Hey kids who wants to learn how to fold a fitted sheet!" does not get them to come running.

Sorry about the blogging lapse...you would think with 4 kids I would have had something funny to say...not so much. Seriously. Today we leave for the lake for the week. On the way I have promised Magnuts that he could spend some birthday money at the fireworks stand...blogging gold or a trip to ER?


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the lake. The new boat dock is fabulous! We leave for VA farm Thursday, and will be home sunday. Hope we can see you all sometime this summer. -katfish

Margaret said...

how do you fold a fitted sheet?

Mine literally gets kinda rolled up.