Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Are you smarter than a 3rd grader?

As I sit here checking over Magnuts' homework it occurs to me how different 3rd grade math has become.

I remember doing long division and rounding numbers and even the occasional word problem but I do not remember this:

Graph these points on the coordinate plane:
E: (-4,2)
F: (2,2)
G: (2,-4)
H: (-4,-4)

Or how about this:
-2 + -5 =
-5 + 2 =


He had a little geometry mixed in last week and has already worked with variables.

I kind of like it this way. Totally helps keep it from being a snooze fest. I seem to remember great blocks of time in which we did nothing but long division...that could make anyone hate math.

So far I am still able to help with any homework they have...I am just finding that my way of doing it and their way seem to often be different. To change 5% to a number they can work with I don't spend any time multiplying by 100...I just slap that decimal two spots to the left- .05...

My way of dealing with equations makes the kids roll their eyes. They have never heard the phrase "what you do to one side you must do to the other." So when I show them something like this:

a + 10 = 20
a + 10 - 10 = 20 - 10
a = 10

They think I am nuts for showing that second step. I get that you can do that in your head at this level, but later...not so much.

Well school is almost over this year...that means I have about 60 days to get ready for 8th grade math...


Mrs. Schmitty said...

Isn't it crazy. You don't even want to get ME started on my son's math program. I wrote a post a while ago. It makes me a lunatic! So now, he goes to Sylvan for math. I'd love to give the principal at his school the monthly bill.

Super B's Mom said...

Math gives me nightmares. *shivers*

Btw...I posted a t-ball story I think you'll enjoy. ;)

For the Love... said...

MrsSchmitty-I think I remember it, I will have to go back and check...

Miss-D will be taking a test this week to see if she should skip 8th grade pre-algebra and move on to 9th grade algebra. Given her loathing of math there is no telling what will happen.

SuperB'sMom-LOVED IT! TAG!