Thursday, May 22, 2008


My phone rang. A glance at caller ID told me that it was my Mom. I answered and heard this:

"tsipa atpay"

I was thinking she had inadvertently "arse dialled."

Again I heard, "tsipa atpay," clearly, with purpose. Completely confused, I told her that I couldn't understand and asked her to repeat herself and she did, "tsipa atpay."

At this point I began to wonder if perhaps she was having a small stroke and needed assistance...

Annoyed and amused she said she would call me back.

Have you ever gotten a manicure at a place where 99% of the employees don't speak English....not a problem except at the places where they spend your entire visit chittering away in their native tongue and ignoring you. It is just rude. They might as well be whispering and pointing.

Well my Mom was annoyed and thought it would be a goof to call me and have a conversation in a language she didn't think they could understand...and it would have been a good one...if I spoke Pig Latin...


Anonymous said...

And you proved I was not able to teach you to speak it---that would be "histay siay atpay." Mom

Margaret said...

i have never been to a nail shop where they don't speak vietnamese.

I used to go to one that gave everyone 20% off if the techs spoke "loud vietnamese". The manager strictly enforced it!

THe one I go to now, they only speak vietnamese in the back room.

Margaret said...

OK, I came back.

What in blue blazes is she saying???

tispa atpay???

For the Love... said...

Mom-do they have Rosetta Stone for Pig Latin?

Margaret-that would be a good policy...I will not go back to a place that allows the employees to yammer like that.
and I think she was trying to tell me "its Pat" but as you can see from her post I am unable to grasp the language...

Chicka said...

HAH! Remember the kids' show Zoom and the Ubba talk? Or are you not as old as I am?

Leigh said...

Very clever and funny! I see where you get your sense of humor.
It also reminds me of the Seinfeld episode wehre Elaine thingks the nail techs are atlking about her (they were). FunnY! Maybe next time your mom should take someone who speaks Vietnamise so she will know what is being said.