Friday, July 20, 2007

To Comment or Not to Comment....

Ok, so you are reading one of your daily must reads and think you might like to post a comment. When you get to the end of the post you notice that 60 people have already left their two cents, what do you do?

A. Only post if you feel your comment is important and needs to be said.

B. Read through a few of the comments and move on, no point in just repeating what has already been said.

C. Post even though you're not saying anything new just to let your blogger friends know you stopped by.

D. Don't post no matter what, your comment will surely be lost in the sea of the 60 others already posted.

I hope that you will ALL comment! Feel free to choose more than one option and to explain why you chose it. I will be explaining my neurotic commenting habits in a future post and hope to have some feedback here to make me look a little less crazy.

Also, if you are a Blogger I would like to know how you feel about the 4 options above...As the writer of the blog and not the commenter.

So discuss.....


Paulette Foley said...

If it's something I feel strongly about, I matter what. As a new blogger I often wonder if anyone is reading what I write (not that I really care, because I enjoy the writing process no matter what), but it's nice to know that someone out there in blogger world found me. I found yours quite by accident, but now have it in my favorites and read it daily.

Blue Momma said...

I'm a little of A & C. If I have something to say regarding the post, I leave a comment, even if it isn't terribly witty or thought provoking. If I don't comment I always feel like I should. Sometimes I just simply don't have anything to say.

As a realatively new blogger I. Love. Comments. It still amazes me that people take time out of their day to read what I write. I guess I release the exhibitionist and attention whoreishness (is that even a word?) that I repress in the "real world" in my blog, so comments just really make my day.

I told you my comments weren't always terribly witty or thought provoking and now I've proved it!

Phoenix said...

Me, I love comments and i love to comment on others. But I love to talk to and well commenting is like a drive by tlaking or soemthing.

I don't always comment. If there's a ton of comments, say like at Mom 101 or MetroDad, I don't know if they care of not...but if I feel I have something to say I do. Also, sometimes I'll comment just to support someone, so they know I'm listening and they're not alone, whether I know what they're going through or not.

Only when I'm too busy, do I skim posts and not comment.

Super B's Mom said...

I'm mostly C, with just a smidge of D. Most of the times, I read a good post and think, "Oh I have a great comment on that one!" And then.."Crap..someone already beat me to it."

As a blogger, I LIVE for comments. Keep that in mind, you know. Even if you just stop by to say "You stink." I'll LOVE IT!

Ok...I sound pathetic.

Chase said...

As a blogger, I love each and every comment. Even if they ALL say the same thing, I want people to say something....anything! Then again, I'm pretty much desperate for attention. :)

With that said, however, I don't practice what I preach. If I have 100 new blogs in my feed reader, I will pick and choose which ones I want to comment on - and those are ones where I just have something to say - or if someone asks a direct question (like this one!). I won't comment just an "LOL!" just to leave a comment. And I never factor in how many comments there are already, either way.

I try to keep up and comment as much as I can. But sometimes, well, I'm lazy. (Boy, I sound like quite a catch...hmmm)

willowtree said...

Speaking as a blogger, I read and appreciate every comment. Some bloggers just want a huge list of readers and rarely comment on other blogs. I like the community aspect, and a certain level of reciprocation.

As a commenter I generally leave a comment, unless I didn't get anything out of the post, or what I would say may not be positive.

While I never expect a one for one comment trade, I do like to know if someone whose blog I read and comment on regularly is reading mine too. With 70 million blogs out there, it's easy to find someone who comments back.

mom2EmnRoo said...

As a mom of toddler twins (and a non-blogger who does not know the blog world etiquette) I tend to read and not comment. There are exceptions and you are one of them more frequently than others. Keep up the good (and extremely hilarious) work!

Margaret said...

I read a lot more blogs than I comment on. Some, quite honestly, I feel I am not "cool" enough to comment on. But I still read' em.

Sometimes I am not in a commenting mood. i just read.

It's a crapshoot, really.

Slackermommy said...

I do a, b and c. It really depends on the post.

mommiebear2 said...

I try to comment on every blog that I stop by, but I dont alwawys - especially like you mentioned, if there is already 1000 comments. As a blogger, of course I would love for everyone to at least just say hi when they stop by but completely understand if they dont.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I do all of the above, depending on the blogger and our relationship. It also depends on the type of post that it is. If someone needs support and they have 70 comments, I'll still comment. But if it's a funny post and has 70 comments that all say "you're so funny", I tend to not comment.

Also, lately I haven't been able to comment on everything I read...I have 135 people in my google reader (and children to raise), so it's impossible to always comment.

Momish said...

I will comment regardless of the number. If I have the time, I will read through the others because I love to see what other people have said (some of the funniest and touching things are said in the comments section). I have often learned about new bloggers that grab my attention by the comments they make. So, to me commenting is vital.

However, like everyone else, there isn't always the time to comment on every post on every blog I read. I try very hard to do "the rounds" as much as possible so at some point within a few posts, I can at least stop by and say Hi.

As a blogger, I treasure all the comments I get and feel all tingly inside when it is a new person there for the first time. I can't wait to jump over to their blog (if they have one) and meet them.

Of course, I have never had anything near to 40 comments, so that part really doesn't pertain to me at all ;)

Great poll!

Absolutely Bananas said...

Good question! I typically only comment when I have something to say... and then I'm *usually* not influenced by how many comments there are. But sometimes I am... like if there are 60+ I may be scared away unless I REALLY have something to say. As a BlogGER I love comments and want everyone to comment ALWAYS! See how fickle I am?

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