Monday, October 1, 2007

A Good Time Was Had By All...

Except maybe for Bama and Gator fans....

But before I get to football I want to say how happy/relieved I was with all of the comments on Friday's post. I was just SURE that the "group name" I made up (WOMBS) would hack people off...It was just too funny to me to pass it up and I was hoping that some of you shared my sense of humor. Y'all sure know how to sweet talk a girl!

And now:

Magnuts football team pulled off the trick play to end all trick plays to tie up the game Saturday.

Picture this: The line is set. The center then very loudly says "This is the wrong ball" as he hands it between his legs to the QB. The QB then begins walking toward the side lines yelling, "HEY COACH THIS IS THE WRONG BALL!" When the QB gets to the end of the line he quickly turns and runs to the end zone!

I can not believe we pulled this play, I can not believe it worked and most of all I CAN NOT believe it is legal.

Don't feel to badly for our opponent...they ended up winning and Magnuts took a dirty late hit early in the game.

We still had a great weekend, hope y'all did too!

War Eagle!


SouthernBell said...

Magnuts will get that kid next time -- that kid better watch out!

Margaret said...

Did the coach know about that play??

crazy working mom said...

I had a great weekend too! :)

Thanks for the laugh.