Thursday, January 10, 2008

College/Bail Money

It was very quiet here yesterday. Almost like the FlyingMonkeys were not home...they were, but 2/3 of them were sitting VERY quietly in their rooms...grounded.
It was about 4pm and I was really busy in the kitchen cleaning and doing dinner prep. Magnuts was buzzing around me talking and I was doing that thing where I stay focused on my task and pick up about every third word he says just in case. Hey, don't judge...he will spend 20 minutes telling me about every single detail of the kid who got hit in the "crotchal" area during PE...down to the contents of his barf.

So I am buzzing around, Magnuts is talking, and a few key words set off my alarm:

I heard that noise in my head, the noise that you hear if someone rips the needle off of a record that is playing-WWWRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP!

My oldest genius took the electric shocker to school...the same school that SUSPENDED MONKEYBOY PENDING SCHOOL BOARD HEARING for his illustrated guide to Mento/Coke bomb making.

Miss-D tried to play it all off telling me that it was no big deal. I lost my mind.

I told her that the school handbook bans all types of items. While I am not sure which category it would fall under that I was sure a toy that shocks the everloving crap out of you would meet the criteria for one if not all of the 3 biggies-Toys, Nuisance Items, and Weapons.

I went on to point out that a person who smuggles an item out of the house hidden in her purse KNOWS she is walking down shady street.

Then it was time to deal with the middle child....MonkeyBoy took "knowledge is power" to a whole new level - felony blackmail. He knew all about her little plan, realized the info was valuable, and threatened to tell me all about it if she didn't do what he wanted.

So it was quiet here at the farm, at least for a while......


Sandy said...

At least you focussed on the right "every 3 words" and got the story! I have a chatterer, too, and I spend way too much time nodding and ummming and generally ignoring the little bugger. Maybe I should start listening.

Aimee said...

OMG! That is craziness. Your kids are too smart.
smart, yet sneaky. The scariest kind. hehe.

Leigh said...

Enjoy the peace. All will be forgotten and back to "normal", this I know. I live it too.