Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Taco Taco Taco...

Magnuts got a very special reward for doing something above and beyond.

He spent the night away from home, with a non-relative, for the first time a few weeks ago. Before he left I reminded him that he was not allowed to do anything at his friend's house that he was not allowed to do at home.

When I picked him up the next day he seemed fine until he got in my car. Then he just broke down. The little boy had not spent a lot of time playing with him. I asked Magnuts why this was and he told me that the little guy had been playing a video game most of the time. I wanted to know why they had not played a two player game together...that is when he really lost it...turns out that most of the games the kid had were rated M for Mature. My children are not allowed to play those games...and Magnuts didn't.

I was stunned. I could not believe that he made that choice...a really hard choice. We decided that we really wanted to make an example out of this...to reward him in some way that would make a huge impression on him and his siblings.

Enter Taco the hamster and all of her hamster stuff. I was anti hamster until I saw this:

You can even buy a little track for this thing...how funny is that. We are waiting on the little car...but went ahead and got her a hamster ball. It seemed kind of cruel at first...then she got the hang of it and looked like she enjoyed it.

She can really get going in that straight shot from our office, through the kitchen and into the den. When the end of the road, or as I like to call it..the wall, comes into view she hits the breaks.

She also spends an amazing amount of time on her little wheel. Magnuts has been paying particular attention to this...apparently he thinks that we could wake up one morning to a "really buff strong hamster" capable of breaking out of her cage and killing us all.

I think he is kidding.


Super B's Mom said...

Ok - I feel like crying!! I am so proud of Magnuts!! YOU should be proud of yourself, Mom.

That is AWESOME.

And hamsters rock. Especially the ones with little dragsters.

soooooooooooospecial said...

what a big kid now....i had a feeling that's what you were going to say, good luck....you know we had 2 (drake & josh) but the mean momma and dad developed allergies to them so they had to go.....i am with magnuts ours would be up all night running those wheels so they ended up on the west wing of the house in hopes we wouldn't hear them, didn't work...and i started thinking they just stayed up at night and threw their poop out of the cage just to get at me, but momma won that fight.....good luck...
p.s. they love those balls that they can run around the house in and it makes for lots of entertainment for the dog....hahaha..

Sandy said...

As the grandma of an 8 year old, I am so proud your son! Amazing strength, courage, and obedience for such a young man.

Terrific job!

Margaret said...

ABsolutely fabulous of ya Magnuts! You made a difficult choice and you made the right one!

katfish said...

here enters the lawrence family's story of our demented hamster story....It's name was cutie pie, the girls had begged for a hamster, how bad could it be? I had one growing up. The cage was parked in the den. We lived in a "ranch" style house, all one level, bedrooms at other end of house! The little devil would get out of his cage, not only come into our bedroom, but THREE, count them THREE times the little #@*&^ ended up IN OUR BED!!!! I cannot believe he lived after the first time as my DH flung him across the room when he awoke to something furry on his chest!!!!! No, we had not been drinking, and HELL NO, we no longer own him!!!!! Three times that hamster came straight to our bedroom I tell you!!!!! They LIVE to escape! I look forward to upcoming stories of yours!!!! love ya-katfish
PS-Way to go Magnuts! I knew you had it in you!!!

For the Love... said...

SuperB'sMom-I did too...I felt so bad for him and so proud at the same time...

Sooooooospecial-So far she is too funny...and she does seem to love her little ball. She can really get going in that little thing!

Sandy-We were so proud...having your child do the right thing "when no one is looking" has been our goal from the start...Thanks!

Margaret-I know! Who would have thought that the kid who EARNED the name Magnuts would be doing this!

Katfish-I never knew y'all had hamsters! How is the new doggie doing?