Thursday, March 27, 2008

BOO!!!!or maybe not....

No one has copped to the Orajel now I will have to get them all.

I thought about covering myself in fake blood, hiding in the boy's closet, waiting until they were just about asleep and then jumping out screaming. Then I realized that during the subsequent therapy sessions to curb the bed wetting and night terrors I would likely be branded a "psycho."

This train of thought caused me to rule out scratching on their windows a la Salem's Lot.

Everything I can think of that would not scare the bejesus out of them still ends up biting me in the arse. For example, consider the ex-lax brownie gag...there are 3 of them and 2 bathrooms, plus I do all of the laundry.

I am stuck...any ideas on a prank that will not require therapy or a visit from OSHA?


soooooooooooospecial said...

this is too funny, can't wait to see what you come up with... loved the redneck riveria post last week, hay tell the truth how many times did yall cruise the strip? it's okay admit it, we all do it( it's just with kids in the backseat now)...haha...later..

Margaret said...

Some type of temporary dye in their shampoo?

Ummm...I dunno but there needs to be pictures.

Maybe hubby did the orajel incident?