Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's Africa Hot...

I have a pump bottle of hand sanitizer in my car.

I left at 2:45 to go pick up the FlyingMonkeys from school.

It was so frickin hot that I was unable to grip the steering wheel until I was almost to their school.

In a genius move I double pumped a blob of hand sanitizer into my palm.

I screamed in pain and proceded to try to smear the molten lava blue goop onto both hands while stearing with my knees.

Spreading it out does not make it cooler.

"Put your hands in front of the air vents stupid" said my inner child

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sweet relief

Reach to rub tears from eyes forgetting the high alcohol content of blue goop

Begin screaming again

Pick up FlyingMonkeys with tear stained face and hands that will no longer leave a fingerprint.


Gina said...

I could see myself doing something like this!

I feel your pain!

nikki said...

Holy crap! (snort) I'm laughing with you...uh not at you. Yeah, that's it.

Super B's Mom said...

OMG...you are ME!

Btw...what do you do when the friggin seat belt is 159 degrees? I just about scorched Super B's shoulder Saturday. Had to get a darn rag to put between it and his skin. What's up with that?!?!?!

crazy working mom said...

Oh no! That sounds so familiar! You poor thing. I hope you're better now.

Come over and visit...I've tagged you for a meme. ;)

chelle said...

ouch ouch ouch!!!
My husband never lets me leave anything in the car!

Blue Momma said...

I always use some of the assorted debris left in my car - McDonalds napkins, Taco Bell napkins, unused diapers - to hold the steering wheel.

But on my list for this week: Get windows tinted. With these temps I had to clean out my car before the debris burst into flames!

Betti said...

Good freaking grief! All that pain in persuit of sanitary hands . . . next time pull over someplace to buy a milkshake and wash your hands there. (Convienent milkshake excuse, eh?)